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Unleash your potential with the 25X System, a fast and easy method to help you grow your new business and start earning quickly. Learn more about how our simple, convenient system can help you double your investment and multiply your growth!

Put the Tea to the Test

Learn about the transformative benefits of the tea that has sold over 230 million packs worldwide.

How to Brew the Tea

Walk through the simple process of brewing the tea and learn how to try a pack for yourself!


Hear the stories of real customers who have experienced physical and mental results.

Promote products as a TLC Life Changer

Discover how our distributors, called Life Changers, create success with the 25X System.

25X Presentation

Connect with 5 People Daily.

Sell a one-week supply of Iaso® Brew Tea or a variety of (10) Iaso® Instant Tea sticks for $25.

Iaso Brew Tea with circle

Track 25X customer sales, payment type, the date of delivery, and more with more 25X tools.