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Invest in Your Business
Make a List of Prospective Customers.
Sell 25 for $25 Each
Start a conversation about the tea.
Deliver & Follow Up
Keep track of your 25X customers!

The 25X Customer Journey

The 25X Customer Journey


Jahaira Allende 25X

The tea is not only impacting everyone physically but also financially. I invite you to be part of this experience!

Jahaira Allende

Zetta Crawford 25X

I’m loving the 25X System. It has literally opened doors that I did not think that I would be walking through for the past 30 days. I’m so grateful for Total Life Changes for always doing more than what is expected on creating an awesome amazing system for everyone to follow

Zetta Crawford

If you can find a system where every new person can have success and a pleasant experience when they are just getting started, you have found the key to success, and that is 25X

Jason Rodriguez

Adriana Forero

The 25X System has allowed me to help a lot of people around the world!

Adriana Forero

Invest, Sell, Earn, Repeat (4)
Invest, Sell, Earn, Repeat